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Abdur & Diksha


"We are excited to present you Maison Vernissage : a brand focused on Art and Fashion. All of our clothes are unique and priceless to an art lover. In the process, we inform you in our Magazine, Vernissage Plugged, about relevant and trendy topics in Music, Art, Fashion and Science."

"Maison Vernissage is not only an online publication that discusses fashion trends, icons, random facts and music, but it's also a brand specialising in Hand-painted Denim Jackets. It is only a few pages long, yet it conveys the vital. A single piece from Maison Vernissage is enough for an individual to stand out in a crowd."

Pineapple Cloud, Media

"The role of an artist is to fight for what he thinks is right. That's exactly what Maison Vernissage is doing."

Menwar, Artist

Lovely products. Great price and fast delivery. No hassle shopping.

Aureliana, Model
Paris, France

I will definitely be coming back for more ! Excellent Customer Service.

William Favory, Photographer